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"You’re the only one who knows how to pleasure me, simply by looking at me."

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Lilith Lust | Bruce Venture | Redheads Are Sexy 5 | New Sensation

Is it wrong of me to wish you’d come knocking on my door,sweep me off my feet while telling me everything that I’ve been dying to hear. So we could drive off into the sunset and park some where to have really dirty love making sex like geez. I want you to f u c k i n g spank me & choke me and tell me I’ve been a very bad girl. I want you to leave me bruises so when I go home I can look at them and think of you.I want you to fuck my brains out or whatever is left of my self destructive ways. I just want you,to want me as badly as I need you. I want you to feel what I feel when I think of you and there is no better way than showing you. I mean were we not taught that actions speak louder than words. Goshdamn I want you so bad. Youre such a vial little thing.